Associação Desportiva de Muay Thai da Madeira
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You will find out what Muay Thai is and how it can change your life.
Join us and we will take you on a journey you will never forget.

We are a part of Federação Portuguesa Kickboxing e Muaythai

We are part of Federação Portuguesa Kickboxing e Muaythai
and ADCMAD - Associação Desportos de Combate da Madeira

About Us

We are the group of people who love Muay Thai. This simply means that we like hard work, learning, challenging and improving ourselves. We believe that sport is the tool that turns people into better human beings. Join us.

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We provide wide range of activities to meet your preferences and experience. There are 3 Muay Thai groups (kids, beginners - adults, advanced). You can train Dynamic Fight Training or Fitness also. Check what is the best for you.

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Learn About Muay Thai

Muay Thai is not only a fight and a physical training. It is also a mental training that improves the abilities to never give up - even if it is hard to choose long-term benefits over shor-term pleasures, it enables you to be a confident and disciplined person in everyday life. No metter how old are you - it is for everybody.

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Meet Our Fight Team

Meet our fighters and trainers. They will inspire you to achieve above-average goals. There are some realy tough people in ADMTM. You can become one of them.

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ADMTM has a public utility, which means its sponsors have tax benefits.

Ass./Clube Desportivo de Muay Thai da Madeira Instituição de Utilidade Pública, Res. N.º 361/2012, nos termos do Art.º 2º do DLR n.º 44/2008/M de 23 de Dezembro.

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